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The Tumblr of a gamer, cosplayer and anime/manga fan. Conventions I attend are mainly Anime Boston, Connecticon, and Another Anime Convention.

Current obsessions are RWBY/Red vs. Blue/Roosterteeth and Fire Emblem. Some other stuff you'll find includes No. 6, Hatoful Boyfriend, Ib, Tales of..., animals and Sick Puppies.

I tend to forget to update my page and/or am too lazy to keep up with it.

Next con: Another Anime Convention.

Upcoming cosplay plans which may or may not happen: Alice (Shadow Hearts), Shiida/Caeda (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon), Guy (Girlchan in Paradise)

I still didn’t get a picture of me as Nora hanging from a tree and booping my Ren on the nose despite us doing RWBY cosplay Friday at AAC, where there were some trees around I could have done it from. I’m going to see him this weekend, and I kind of want to bring my Nora cosplay to goof around in and take pictures. Maybe get some cute ReNora stuff. I have picture ideas, but I am so bad at actually getting pictures taken/taking pictures of myself so I never actually go through with it. It’s a problem. Help.

Another Anime Convention!

I haven’t been posting much lately, but that’s mostly because I’ve been preparing for AAC the past couple of weeks. Ironically, a lot of the work I was doing was for a cosplay that I’m not even bringing anymore (long story, but my friend and I decided it was best to wait a little longer to do our Shadow Hearts cosplays, so those will debut sometime this winter as we finish and hopefully have a photoshoot of sorts). So here we go, AAC Lineup!

Friday: Nora (RWBY) with my boyfriend as Ren! We will also be with our friend as Ozpin!
Saturday: Lucina/”Marth”(Fire Emblem: Awakening) (I will be switching between the two personas probably). I have a bunch of friends who are cosplaying from various Fire Emblem games as well who are also running an FE panel that day!
Sunday: Garry (Ib)

I’ll also be in a couple of events! If anybody who follows me is going, please do say hi!

how to get a boyfriend


put peanut butter on a pinecone and roll it in bird seed. hang it up outside. wait.

  aitoego said:
But what if you edit Chrom that has two proper sleeves though-



science has gone way too far

This…this isn’t right. This changes everything. Who knew the addition of one sleeve could make things look so very wrong?