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sometimes Monty goes wise elder mode and is all like



but other times Monty is likeimage


  Anonymous said:
Lie Ren and Weiss Schnee have a fight where all they do is open their sleeves at one another and random things fly at each other like projectiles. And other Beacon students slowly gravitate towards the two hunters-to-be standing completely still, while they continue to fire things from their sleeves, to claim their lost possessions. "Hey, that's my hair brush!" "I was wondering where I'd left that," "What are you doing here, Cardin?" "Oh, hey Velvet, found what you were looking for?"


lie ren decides to take off his shirt. out of the sleeves fall his guns, about $6.50, a box of donuts, several rabbits, a refrigerator, and a very terrified cardin winchester

I…was not expecting this and its hilarious.